Sexy and not yet 16 (Und noch nicht sechzehn) 1968

Sexy and not yet 16 (Und noch nicht sechzehn) 1968

Rosy isn’t 16 yet, but has already experienced much in life. The precocious 15 year old escapes the protectory and finds shelter at Helens, a singer. But her care is just temporary. An older man who pretends to be a bank director, causes her new sorrow. He forces her to have intercourse with several men and blackmails the suitors afterwards. Then Rosy meets a student, who she really likes. Can he help her and free her from this plight?

Director: Peter Baumgartner
Writers: Peter Baumgartner, Helen Vita (dialogue)
Stars: Rosemarie Heinikel, Helen Vita, Peter Capra


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