Non Stop Sempre Buio In Sala 1985

Non Stop Sempre Buio In Sala 1985

Directed by: Arduino Sacco

Stars: Paola Senatore, Giulian Eroom, Sandra Sesal

Country: Italy

Also known as: Paola Senatore non stop… sempre buio in sala

Description: Interesting porn feature starring Paola Senatore as a woman reflecting on her experiences with men.

Review: The end of a good career ……. When Senatore acted in this movie, she was pregnant, drug addicted (heroin) and, above all, without money (all spent for the heroin). For this reason she accepted to make this hard-core film (this will be her only one of this kind, and her last one at all). But she was arrested facing the accuse to smuggle heroin, remaining in prison for almost one year. It’s funny if you think that only the year before, she still played in some interesting Italian soft-core Italian movies like Malombra which was a big hit in Italy at that time

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