Whispers Behind the Wall (2013) Die Frau hinter der Wand

Whispers Behind the Wall (2013) Die Frau hinter der Wand

Title: Whispers Behind the Wall
AKA: —
Year: 2013
Original title: Die Frau hinter der Wand
Runtime: 1 hour, 35 minutes
Country: Germany
Genre: Thriller

Director: Grzegorz Muskala

Vincent Redetzki … Martin
Katharina Heyer … Simone
Florian Panzner … Sebastian
Niels Bormann … Makler
Nikolai Kinski … Junger Makler
Ronald Nitschke … Hausmeister Horn
Tomoko Okada … Assistant production designer
Robert Stadlober … Robert
Leszek Stalewski … Literaturstudent
Petra Zieser … Martins Mutter
Almut Zilcher … Frau Schaffrat
Hanns Zischler … Martins Vater

Plot / Synopsis

Martin leaves his protective parents’ home and comes to Berlin as a law student with high hopes. He finds a tiny, run-down flat in a strange, dark apartment block, from which the previous tenant has disappeared without a trace. Having no luck with social contacts at the university, Martin quickly falls for his mysterious landlady Simone, who lives just next door behind a thin wall. Hoping to find trust and intimacy, Martin loses himself in the house’s disturbing world of sex and violence. Deep in the walls, Martin discovers the true horror of his first love.

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