Warsaw 44 (2014) Miasto 44

Warsaw 44 (2014) Miasto 44

Title: Warsaw 44
AKA: City 44
Year: 2014
Original title: Miasto 44
Runtime: 2 hours, 1 minute
Country: Poland
Genre: Drama | War

Director: Jan Komasa

Józef Pawlowski … Stefan Zawadzki
Zofia Wichlacz … Biedronka (Alicja Saska)
Anna Próchniak … Kama (Kamila Jedrusik)
Antoni Królikowski … Beksa
Maurycy Popiel … Góral
Filip Gurlacz … Rogal
Michal Mikolajczak … Aleksander Saski
Karolina Staniec … Beata
Jasmina Polak … Ewa
Tomasz Schuchardt … Kobra
Michal Zurawski … Czarny
Michal Meyer … Pajak
Grzegorz Daukszewicz … Miki
Piotr Biedron … Joe
Jan Kowalewski … Adam

Plot / Synopsis

Warsaw’44 is a story of young Varsovians full of life and passion, living as if each day was to be their last. But it’s not their bravado or youthful recklessness that makes them act this way – this attitude is commonplace in the reality that surrounds them. We first meet the movie’s main characters shortly before the Warsaw Uprising breaks out. They join the underground movement not only to fulfil their patriotic duty, but also to embark on a youthful adventure, have something to brag to their peers about and impress girls. They flirt, show off and make plans during their underground training. Little do they know that the approaching summer will prove to be the test of their lives and that History has already made some plans for them… Joined in friendship, Warsaw44’s characters form one of the most courageous units to fight in the Warsaw Uprising. They witness sacrifice and heroism, but also cruelty, betrayal and murder. They learn about love and experience what hate feels like. Against their will, History teaches them a bloody and brutal lesson in maturity.

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