Deviation 1971

Deviation 1971

Title: Deviation
Year: 1971
Original title: Deviation
Runtime: 89 minutes
Country: Sweden
Genre: Horror

Director: José Ramón Larraz (as J.R.Larrath)

Karl Lanchbury … Julian
Lisbet Lundquist … Olivia
Sibyla Grey … Rebecca
Malcolm Terris … Paul
Shelagh Wilcocks … Auntie
Geoffrey Wincott … Old Man Chemist
Frederick Schrecker … Old Man Taxidermist

Plot / Synopsis
The film follows Paul and his mistress Olivia as they are driving back to their hometown after what has presumably been a romantic getaway. Paul isn’t quite divorced yet, and this bothers Olivia, as it ostensibly allows him to keep both of his women without feeling guilty. As they are driving through a dark forest, a man in a white poncho jumps in front of the car, and, swerving so as not to hit the man, Paul crashes into a tree. They are met in the woods by Julian and Rebbecca, a mysterious couple who live in the virtually empty woods, and practice taxidermy. During the night Paul gets the feeling that something is wrong, and as he investigates, he eventually gets killed by Rebbecca in a moment of psycho-sexual catharsis. The next morning Julian and Rebbecca tell Olivia that Paul has simply taken the train back to London in order to be at work on time. Meanwhile, the enigmatic couple work on taking Olivia farther and farther into their world of sex and mystery.

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