[Season 1] The Honor and the Respect (2012) L’onore e il rispetto

[Season 1] The Honor and the Respect (2012) L’onore e il rispetto

Title: The honor and the respect
Year: 2012
Original title: L’onore e il rispetto – season 01
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Genre: TV-Series | Drama

Director: Salvatore Samperi


Gabriel Garko … Tonio Fortebracci
Alessandra Martines … Francesca De Santis
Laura Torrisi … Carmela Di Venanzio
Cosima Coppola … Melina Bastianelli
Alessandro Cimadamore … Luca Romeo
Eric Roberts … Tom Di Maggio
Toni Bertorelli … Saro Ferlito ‘U’ Burattinaio’
Giuliana de Sio … Tripolina
Gabriele Rossi … Fortunato Di Venanzio

Plot / Synopsis

Mascalucia, Sicily, 1956.After the death of Rocco , the father of family Fortebracci , his inheritants moves in north , hoping for a better future and trying to invest the money from the saling of the land in a good businessThat is the hope of Pasquale , the new head of the family , a honest and patient man who leaves Sicily at the wish of his wife Ersilia.She hopes her sons Tonio and Santi wi’ll have a better future as in Sicily Despite they care very much about eachother , the two brothers are very different..When the things looks to moves better , the shop witch Don Pasquale wish to open was robbed before the opening .Without insurence and hunt by the creditors Don Pasquale commit suicide .Feeling guilty for the death of her husband Ersilia go crazy .The bondage between the brothers come weeker day by day, and eachone follow different roads in life.Tonio want to revenge his family using any way .Santi become a judge.Santi become a incorruptible magistrat.Tonio become a boss in the mob.They’ll meet again , but what’s going to happend?

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