The Deflowering of Eva Van End (2012) De Ontmaagding van Eva van End

The Deflowering of Eva Van End (2012) De Ontmaagding van Eva van End

Title: The Deflowering of Eva Van End
AKA: —
Year: 2012
Original title: De Ontmaagding van Eva van End
Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Drama

Director: Michiel ten Horn

Vivian Dierickx … Eva
Jacqueline Blom … Etty
Ton Kas … Evert
Tomer Pawlicki … Erwin
Abe Dijkman … Manuel
Rafael Gareisen … Veit
Anandi Gall … Mardou
Freerk Bos … Mentor
Flip Filz … Docent Engels
Giam Kwee … Moeder Thymen
Frans de Wit … Vader Thymen
Nicanor Zinga … Ngiri
Patricio Wiedermann … Olli
Stefan de Walle … Huub
Freddie Tratlehner … Ron Kanon

Plot / Synopsis

THE DEFLOWERING OF EVA VAN END is a tragicomedy about the Van End family. They are a perfectly normal family, who over the years have developed a slightly dysfunctional way of relating to one another. Then, all of a sudden, the incarnation of perfection enters their lives, embodied by German exchange student. With his arrival, doubt, insecurity, fear and desire invade the Van End family. How have they been able to function all these years, with all of their imperfections? During the course of Veit’s stay, all five family members start to reinvent themselves, as they feel increasingly alienated from themselves and from each other. It turns out, however, that it’s not perfection that brings happiness, but their blood ties. And besides, nobody’s really perfect… ~ © Official Site

In this perfect blend of satire and sincerity, a dysfunctional family gets turned on its head when the ‘perfect’ exchange student moves in. Every member of the van End family is preoccupied with his or her own peculiar fixation – be it father Evert’s Skype relationship with a boy in Africa (seemingly his only functional relationship), or mother Etty’s relentless tirades against her dope-dealing youngest son or praises for her eldest son about to marry. Trapped in the middle is the youngest – 15 year-old Eva – struggling for any attention or affection at all. When Veit, the adonis German exchange student Eva invited, moves in, the family is shocked and each family member must confront his or her own doubts, insecurities, fears and desires. During Veit’s two week stay, all five family members began to reinvent themselves led by former wallflower, Eva, who begins a dramatic transformation.

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