Hardkor Disko 2014

Hardkor Disko 2014

Title: Hardkor Disko
AKA: —
Year: 2014
Original title: Hardkor Disko
Runtime: 1 hour, 23 minutes
Country: Poland
Genre: Drama

Director: Krzysztof Skonieczny

Marcin Kowalczyk … Marcin
Jasmina Polak … Ola Wróblewska
Agnieszka Wosinska … Pola Wróblewska
Janusz Chabior … Olek Wróblewski
Ewa Skonieczna … Young Ola Wróblewska
Krzysztof Skonieczny … ‘Silny’
Szymon Nowak … House’s Owner
Lech Lotocki … Taxi Driver
Maciej Nawrocki
Grzegorz Goch … (as Grzegorz Twaróg)
Bartlomiej Kotschedoff
Ernest Lorek
Radoslaw Rutkowski
Agnieszka Zulewska
Piotr Zurawski

Plot / Synopsis

‘Hardkor’ is a word of our times which entered everyday slang meaning something surprising, brutal and ruthless but also something attractive and danger-provoking, connected with adrenaline. ‘Disko’ on the other hand holds something from the past, it’s a word rather connected to the generation of our parents, it brings to the mind some kind of nostalgia. Young man Marcin finds out a very important fact regarding his past and discovers his true identity. Consequently, he comes from the middle of nowhere to somwhere, to a big city, in order to settle the score and take revenge on his oppressors. Unexpectedly, he meets Ola, who turns out to be unusually close to him. Marcin enters her life, full of drugs, bohemian parties and illegal car races. Despite the initial doubts, he goes on to fulfill his plan – he kills. And yet, he cannot cope with the feelings that, in spite of their ties, grew between Ola and him. In this contemporary ancient tragedy, the gods allow for a catharsis, but not for a happy ending. HARDKOR DISKO is a story about impossible love, about desperate search for identity, about guilt, revenge and punishment, and also about how young people today get more and more disoriented in their hedonism, consumptionism, agression, self-destruction and over-sensitivity. It is an observation and a commentary to the present in which all the rules seem to be ignored and everything drift towards emptiness.

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