Chrysalis (2011) De tu ventana a la mía

Chrysalis (2011) De tu ventana a la mía

Title: Chrysalis
AKA: —
Year: 2011
Original title: De tu ventana a la mía
Runtime: 1 hour, 36 minutes
Country: Spain
Genre: Drama

Director: Paula Ortiz

Maribel Verdú … Inés
Leticia Dolera … Violeta
Luisa Gavasa … Luisa
Roberto Álamo … Paco
Miguel Alcíbar … Guardián
Carlos Álvarez-Nóvoa … Tío Fernando
Álex Angulo … Médico
José María Asín … Joaquín
Ramón Barea … Marín
Luis Bermejo … Valentín
José Luis Esteban … Afilador
Laura Gómez-Lacueva … Pilar
Gabriel Latorre … Cura
José Luis Lorente … Guardia Civil
María José Moreno … Tía Carmen

Plot / Synopsis

Violet, Inés and Louise are women of different ages, whose days pass in apparent calmness on the other side of the window. Wheatfields, mountains, and the streets of an old city provide settings in which Chrysalis recreates these women’s lives, as seen through the light and the beauty of memories. The film gives us the magical past when it was still possible for a young girl to dream in the woods; it gives us, the distant gaze of a mother in the arid desert and the autumnal memory of a mature woman in a closed house. It tells the tale of women who seem to live in silence, but who have memories that keep secrets, passions, and dreams alive. Like a ball of wool that rolls from one life to another, the film follows these women until the day when they suffer the unexpected blow of loss, absence and pain. Violet, shut up among flowers by her uncle, decides to enter the tunnel and look for Manuel. Inés, a peasant in the desert wasteland, fights for her dignity and her jailed husband, Paco; Luisa faces death to find the true passion of her life. And along the way, the three of them find vitality and some happiness. This film is an intimate and emotional portrait in which, sometimes, imagination flies beyond all windows.

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