The Degenerates (1969) Satyricon

The Degenerates (1969) Satyricon

Title: The Degenerates
Year: 1969
Original title: Satyricon
Runtime: 88 minutes
Country: Italy
Genre: Comedy

Director: Gian Luigi Polidoro

Tina Aumont … Circe
Don Backy … Encolpio
Mario Carotenuto … Eumolpo
Franco Fabrizi … Ascilto
Graziella Granata … Antonia
Valérie Lagrange … Trifena
Francesco Pau … Gitone
Ugo Tognazzi … Trimalchione
Marguerite H. Boulware
Clara Colosimo … Seleuco’s Wife
Ermelinda De Felice … Trimalchione’s Wife
Gustavo D’Arpe … The Rhetorical-Questioning Orator
Antonio De Leo
Piero Gerlini … Abinna – Antonia’s husband
Franco Gulà … (as Franco Gullà)

Plot / Synopsis
Encolpius and Ascyltus are two corrupt boys raging for the mean streets of Rome at the time of the empire of Nero. Both boys engaged in constant conflict for the love of the young Gitone, which often allows himself to Ascyltus, infuriating lover Encolpius. For a misunderstanding, the three boys end up in the house of a rich freedman: the crude Trimalchio, who in his rich dinner amazes guests with exuberant courses.
Escaped from the house of rough man, Ascyltus Encolpius and continue to fight for Gitone until one makes friends with the poet Eumolpus, while the other died of diseases. Gitone is only now, in the company of Encolpius, but it can not satisfy her amorous pleasures because of a curse hurled at him by the god Priapus, the protector of the cocks. After inheriting a rich mansion by chance by a senator named Pomponius, Encolpius, Eumolpus and Gitone go in a city where their troubles do not end because of the magic spells of a witch, soothsayer of the god Priapus.

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