Floating Islands (2001) Îles flottantes

Floating Islands (2001) Îles flottantes

Title: Floating Islands
AKA: —
Year: 2001
Original title: Îles flottantes
Runtime: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Comedy

Director: Nanouk Leopold

Maria Kraakman … Kaat
Manja Topper … Sacha
Halina Reijn … Isa
Kuno Bakker … Christophe
Jacob Derwig … Peer
Leopold Witte … Max
Annemarie Prins … Grandmother
Aat Ceelen … Gijs
Gilles Biesheuvel … Boris (as Gillis Biesheuvel)
Reinier Bulder … Baker
Daphne de Winkel … Woman with baby
Anouk Driessen … Sales woman
Leo Hogenboom … ARBO-man
Harpert Michielsen … First aid physician
Ceren Taygun … Doctor

Plot / Synopsis

Sasha, Kate and Isa are three friends in their early thirties who haven’t quite figured out what they want to get out of life. Sasha, who tries to ignore her dying father, meets a man who frequently kicks in her door. Isa is constantly rearranging her studio in hope of creating better art, and Kate, who’s living off her boyfriend, has an affair with Isa’s boyfriend. All three struggle with friendship, boyfriends, loneliness, trust, goals, but also share all of the above with each other. As in real life, they don’t always behave rationally. With warmth, Îles flottantes signals hope to all those who are young, by themselves, and not sure what life is all about.

Tragicomic feature debut portrays the current generation of people in their thirties waking up to the fact that they are just fiddling around. Three friends realise that the time has come to take life seriously. The day after her thirtieth birthday, Kaat trades the comforts of living with her yuppie boyfriend Max for the shabby upstairs flat of Sacha. Kaat appears to be pregnant, but does not know who the father is: Max or Isa’s boyfriend. Her odd behaviour is noticed by both Sacha and Isa, but Kaat keeps silent and arranges an abortion. When it turns out that she is not pregnant at all, Kaat tries to straighten things out with Isa, but to no avail, and when she tries to pick up her old life with Max again, his door also remains closed. In the meantime, Sacha is faced with a violent boyfriend and seems to meet with the same fate as her mother.

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