The Skin Under The Claws (1975) La pelle sotto gli artigli

The Skin Under The Claws (1975) La pelle sotto gli artigli

Title: The Skin Under The Claws
AKA: ‘
Year: 1975
Original title: La pelle sotto gli artigli
Runtime: 1 hour 16 minutes
Country: Italy
Genre: Giallo

Director: Alessandro Santini


Gordon Mitchell ….. Prof. Helmut
Genevieve Audry ….. Dott.ssa Silvia Pieri
Tino Boriani ….. Dott. Gianni DAni
Ettore Ribotta ….. Police Commissioner Rinaldi
Renzo Borelli …..
Agostino De Simone …..
Ada Pometti …..
Mirella Rossi .

Plot / Synopsis

A series of brutal murders alerts the police, however they cannot find a way to catch the sadistic killer. An insane doctor experiments with ways to cheat death and confuses his pursuers by using a corpse identical in DNA to his own. His young female victims are raped and murdered brutally with a knife. Under their nails, the police find traces of putrefied human flesh. A stunning erotically charged and highly violent Giallo which has many twists along the way.

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