Skin ’em Alive (1978) Scorticateli vivi

Skin ’em Alive (1978) Scorticateli vivi

Title: Skin ’em Alive
Year: 1978
Original title: Scorticateli vivi
Runtime: 1 hour 31 minutes
Country: Italy
Genre: Adventure

Director: Mario Siciliano


Bryan Rostron … Rudy
Mario Novelli … Barney
Giuseppe Castellano.. Arthur
Pier Luigi Giorgio
Ettore Pecorari
Antonio Diana
Stefano Cedrati
Giulio Lucatelli
Jean Emile
Aurelia Saba
Charles Borromel … Franz
Karin Well … Evelyn

Plot / Synopsis

Rudy is a young man with money problems. He doesn’t have any. Worse he owes the mob. After being beaten up and given 24 hours to pay, Rudy visits his girl before heading off to find his brother who is in Africa. Rudy’s brother is Franz, a mercenary that Rudy thinks has a hidden stash of diamonds Rudy can use to go to America. Franz is unhappy to see his brother and tells him he’s doesn’t have any money either (“The only thing that I have that you don’t is an accent”wink.gif. Franz throws his brother out, however before Rudy can leave Franz is kidnapped by some rebels. Rudy (who hates violence) decides to go off with the mercenaries to rescue his brother.

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