Love Doll AKA Grandeur nature (1974) Luis García Berlanga – Grandeur nature

Love Doll AKA Grandeur nature (1974) Luis García Berlanga – Grandeur nature

Title: Love Doll
AKA: –
Year: 1974
Original title: Grandeur nature
Runtime: 1 hour 28 minutes
Country: France | Italy | Spain
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Fantasy

Director: Luis García Berlanga


Michel Piccoli … Michel
Valentine Tessier … La mère
Rada Rassimov … Isabelle
Lucienne Hamon … Juliette
Michel Aumont … Henry
Queta Claver … Maria-Luis
Manuel Alexandre … Jose-Luis
Amparo Soler Leal … Directrice
Claudia Bianchi … Jeune fille
Jenny Astruc … Janine
Jean-Claude Bercq … Jacques
Marie-France Mignal … Mère enfant
Julieta Serrano … Nicole

Plot / Synopsis

Michel, 45, has everything he can desire: a good job, a wife and a brilliant and passionate young lover. But one day on a whim he purchases a rubber doll that is advertised as almost real, discovering all the submission and obedience he can not find in his wife. The obsession becomes so strong that he begins to be jealous and distrustful of those who may desire it.
When Michel (Michel Piccoli) gets the life-sized sex doll he ordered, shipped directly from Japan, he is only intrigued by it at first. Then the silent unresponsiveness of the thing begins to haunt him, and he finds himself reacting to it as if it were an equally unresponsive living woman. As time passes, more and more of his life is spent trying to satisfy or placate its relentless silence, and he goes somewhat mad. He dresses the doll and takes it with him wherever he goes. When his usually very tolerant wife discovers what is going on, her jealousy knows no bounds and she attempts to imitate this threatening love-object. The light-hearted quality of this addle-pated fantasy darkens quickly when various neighborhood men attempt to put the doll to its originally intended use.

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