The Godfather’s Friend (1972) L’amico del padrino

The Godfather’s Friend (1972) L’amico del padrino

Title: The Godfather’s Friend
AKA: Hand of the Godfather’
Year: 1972
Original title: L’amico del padrino
Runtime: 1 hour 25 minutes
Country: Italy | Turkey
Language: English (dubbed)
Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller | Drama | Giallo

Director: Frank Agrama


Richard Harrison … Richard Maddock
Erika Blanc … Jenny
Ian Flynn … Antonio
Figen Han
Ayhan Isik
Krista Nell … Layla

Plot / Synopsis

Expatriate American actor Richard Harrison plays a mob hit-man with a troubled past(he witnessed his father being murdered and his mother being fatally raped by mafiosi on the day of his 12th birthday party). He is stationed in Istanbul doing jobs for the unseen “godfather” when he is approached by a treacherous friend who gets him involved in drugs and a mob war, all the while plotting to take over his spot in the mafia hierarchy. Like a lot of these Italian films, and very unlike the Hollywood ones, this movie has a very morally ambiguous tone and decidedly cynical ending.

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