Blindspot 2008

Blindspot 2008

Title: Blindspot
AKA: —
Year: 2008
Original title: Blindspot
Runtime: 1 hour, 16 minutes
Country: Netherlands
Language: German (dubbed)
Genre: Drama

Director: Ad Bol

Maike Moeller Bornstein … Anya Broeksma (as Maike Moeller)
Jango Edwards … Virgil Ryan
Micky Hoogendijk … Claudia Ryan
Johnny Melville … Theodore Quentzel
Hugo Metsers … Chris Ryan

Plot / Synopsis

A young woman, Anya, dons a blindfold to dance mysteriously in her private atelier. It is rhythmic but also tragic, melancholic and gripping. Suddenly, Anya awakes screaming. Chris, her husband, tries to comfort her: yet another nightmare… He begs her to see a specialist but she just shrugs off the idea. Anya enters a warehouse under the watchful eye of Theodore, a distinguished middle-aged man. In his hand a Colt revolver. Upstairs in the studio Anya preens herself in some sexy underwear. A knock at the door startles her. She opens and Theodore barges in, holding the gun to her head… BLINDSPOT is a sexy, psychological film-noir which features the story of a man who is sucked into the psychological web of two women on the run. On the run from themselves and from their past. One – wild, tempestuous and adulterous, the other – introverted, bitter and revengeful. Only the dance is pure – with the gun loaded…

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