The Sexual Life of the Belgians Part 4: Pleasure and Hysteria (2000) La jouissance des hystériques

The Sexual Life of the Belgians Part 4: Pleasure and Hysteria (2000) La jouissance des hystériques

Title: La jouissance des hystériques
Year: 2000
Original title: La jouissance des hystériques
Runtime: 1h 21mn
Country: Belgium
Language: French
Subtitles: None
Genre: Comedy, Fake documentary

Director: Jan Bucquoy


Jan Bucquoy : Jan
Marie Bucquoy : Marie
Aline Morocutti : la copine de Marie
Gail Verhasselt : Gail
Alice Ley : Alice
Nadia Leen : actrice de casting
Laurent Van Wetter : Laurent
Cybile Cornet : Cybile
Evelyne Letawe : Evelyne
Nicole Godfrin : actrice de casting
Aziza Nouri : actrice de casting
Natacha Drion : Natache
Anne Grandhenry : Anne
Laure Pointeau : Laure
Françoise Laeckmann : actrice de casting
Ciro Carcatella : Ciro
Frederic Tombelle : Fred
Murielle : actrice de casting
Claude Semal : Claude
Noël Godin : Pierre Mertens
Marlène Duelz : Marlène
Michel Baubour : Michel

Plot / Synopsis:

A director in his midlife-crisis wants to start a new movie and he invites twelve actresses in his flat in Brussels. Every actress tries to convince him of her talent. The director tries to seduce them at the same time but this is not what they want, or at least they do not want to give this impression. When the movie starts, the chosen ones develop into nasty characters who do not listen to their director, f.i. Evelyne quarrels with him. The making of the movie turns into chaos with one of the male characters running after one of the actresses into a river. At the same time the director has to make a travel to Bali to bring back one of his favorites: Gail. The movie is full of quotations of famous writers (Guy Debord) and the title of the movie is the title of a book by Lucien Israël (La Jouisssance de l’ Hystérique). The director makes public orations and explains his analysis of capitalism. His call for the revolution is pathetic and it makes the situation at the film set even worse… Like most directors he tends to be ego-maniacal but his chosen actresses don’t accept this!

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