Flower Buds 2011 Poupata

Flower Buds 2011 Poupata

Title: Flower Buds
Year: 2011
Original title: Poupata
Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Country: Czech Republic

Director: Zdenek Jiráský

Vladimír Javorský … Jarda
Malgorzata Pikus … Kamila
Marika Soposká … Agáta
Miroslav Pánek … Honza
Natálie Rehorová … Magda
Aneta Krejcíková … Zuzana

Plot / Synopsis

Flower Buds tells the story of the gradual breakdown of a family living in a small town. Each character lives according to his or her own ideals. Agata wants a happy life far from home, fully aware that her only hope is to escape and therefore betray those close to her. Honza believes in the purity and power of love, regardless of the circumstances under which it is born. Kamila looks confidently to the future and does not intend to accept the misery of the present. The only Jarda knows that he will not change the world or himself. Aware of his weakness, he does not even try. In his mind, of course, his addiction to slot machines, which has led to a nearly impossible situation, is as certain as most gamblers’ belief of an imminent win. The real and convincing attempt to rescue his family comes when it is too late. It is just a futile gesture, a desperate last ditch effort. ~ Czech Film Centre

FLOWER BUDS, winner of four top Czech film prizes, is a grimly comedic family drama. It’s Christmastime in a nameless small industrial town whose salient feature is its smoking chimneys. Jarda is an indifferent train signalman more intent on fashioning matchstick ships in bottles than attending to his duties. Once his shift ends, he takes his meager earnings and deposits them into slot machines at the neighborhood pub. Jarda’s gambling addiction renders him oblivious to his family’s needs: son Honza, in love with an exotic dancer, grows pot in an abandoned warehouse; daughter Agata discovers she’s pregnant; long-suffering wife Kamilla cleans toilets at the train station. Meanwhile, the local women are working on a dance show they hope will recapture their crowning glory from 1987 when they were “Flower Buds” at a state-sponsored “festival of physical culture.” Nobody’s going anywhere on those trains that pass through the night. Still, hope springs eternal; maybe life will improve once winter is over.

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