Long Dark Night 2004 Duga mračna noć

Long Dark Night 2004 Duga mračna noć

Title: Long Dark Night 2004
Original title: Duga mračna noć
Runtime: 03:13:59
Country: Croatia

Director: Antun Vrdoljak

Goran Visnjic … Ivan Kolar – Iva
Mustafa Nadarevic … Spanac
Ivo Gregurevic … Major
Goran Navojec … Matija Èaèiæ – Mata
Boris Dvornik … Luka Kolar
Tarik Filipovic … Joka
Katarina Bistrovic-Darvas … Vera Kolar
Zarko Potocnjak … Alojz
Vera Zima … Kata
Alen Liveric … Jozef Schmit
Goran Grgic … Franz Kirchmeier
Kresimir Mikic … Robert Neuman
Matko Raguz … Bartol
Vili Matula … Ressler
Minja Jovicic … Emil

Plot / Synopsis:
This movie is an anti-war movie about the madness and awfulness of hate, murder, and sorrow bred by the war and their influence on lives of ordinary people. Iva has a normal, happy life until the Nazi regime takes over the government of Croatia. He saves the life of his Jewish friend, and he is forced to join the Partisans (the first antifascist movement on the European soil) because Gestapo is after him. The former Partisans come to power after the War and set Communism as the country’s ideology. New government’s politics are causing misfortune to the common people, and Iva frequently has to use his influence as a former Partisan colonel to save his friends from the regime. When he, during a family dinner, calls Yugoslav president Tito ‘A selfish egocentric and a world-class snob’, his brother-in-law, an officer of the secret police, has him imprisoned as a political prisoner. This leads to a whole series of unfortunate events, including the suicide of his wife, and Iva spending four years in Yugoslavia’s most notorious prison. After the film’s merry beginning, and its depressing main part, comes an ending filled with optimism.

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