The Playbirds 1978

The Playbirds 1978

Directed by: Willy Roe

Actors: Mary Millington, Glynn Edwards, Gavin Campbell

Country: UK

Also known as: Secrets of a Playgirl, David Sullivan’s The Playbirds, The Playbird Murders

Description: A fanatically religious, horse-obsessed maniac is killing the nude cover girls of “Playbird” magazine. The police are frustrated in their efforts to stop him, so they send a sexy police woman (Mary Millington) undercover to crack the case. If you just want to see a lot of naked dolly birds, you certainly won’t be disappointed. There are numerous scenes of the magazine’s photo shoots, most of which involve a hilarious satanic/witchcraft-oriented theme. And the police don’t just take the first attractive volunteer for the undercover job–no, they have to have to “audition” ALL their female staff members for the job before settling on Millington. The movie is obviously sexist (which is par for the course), but it’s also surprisingly unpleasant and borderline misogynist. All the girls are topless or naked when they’re murdered, for instance (except for one girl whose mini-skirt conveniently rides up while she’s being strangled). The most disturbing scene perhaps is one particular magazine pictorial of a naked “witch” being “burned” at the stake which goes horribly awry when the killer comes along and (literally) adds fuel to the fire. The best (and perhaps only) reason to see this is that it is a good showcase for cult actress Mary Millington. Millington certainly had a nice body, and viewers (like numerous male and female characters in the movie) will become VERY familiar with it. Her generally awkward acting, however, gives no indication of why she became a such a cult figure.

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