Whats Up Superdoc 1978

Whats Up Superdoc 1978

Directed by: Derek Ford

Stars: Christopher Mitchell, Julia Goodman, Harry H. Corbett

Country: UK

Also known as: Huhhaa, tohtori!, Supermoski

Description: Doctor Robert Todd is quietly going about his general medical practice keeping his patients happy in and out of bed when his past suddenly catches up with him. During his student days, Dr. Todd took part in an artificial insemination program and now confidential reports show him to be a phenomenally successful donor. He’s fathered 837 babies and all of them are boys! Naturally, these things are treated with discretion…donors are always anonymous…until a frustrated medical secretary turns Todd’s file over to the newspapers and suddenly he’s a front page sensation! Now every woman wants a “donation” from Dr. Todd!

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