Inside Love 2013 Presentimientos

Inside Love 2013 Presentimientos

Director: Santiago Tabernero

Eduardo Noriega
Marta Etura
Irene Escolar
Alfonso Bassave
Jack Taylor
Silvia Tortosa
Alex Spijksma
Pepa Charro
Francisco Conde
Gloria Muñoz
David Ferraro Jericoh

Plot / Synopsis

A well-appointed, ambitious adaptation of a novel by Spanish writer Clara Sanchez that moves elegantly between the dream and real worlds, Inside Love is a story about a young woman’s struggle to emerge from coma to be reunited with the ones she loves. Julia (Marta Etura, Cell 211) and Felix (Eduardo Noriega, Blackthorn, also receiving his first scripting credit here) are a young married couple suffering from the pressure of having a small baby. Following an argument in the beach resort they’ve visited for a few days’ break from their routine, Julia crashes the car and emerges into a slightly rearranged world. Her wallet is stolen, and she seeks help from a sexy, commanding local night-club owner, Marcos (Alfonso Bassave). Julia wanders lost and hopeless through this new, off-kilter landscape, sleeping in her car on a beach in the shadow of a lighthouse before setting off to find their apartment, now inhabited by a grotesquely heightened Brit couple (Sue Flack and Denis Rafter), straight out of something by the early Mike Leigh. But her body is in hospital. What the viewer is seeing, it quickly becomes clear, is Julia’s dreams as she lies in coma. The rest of the film will thus move back and forth between Felix’s present, Julia’s dreams, and flashbacks to the couple’s earlier, pre-baby life. In the present, Felix struggles with the practicalities of being left holding the baby whilst trying to cope with the criticisms of his mother-in-law Luisa (Gloria Munoz, doubling as a superbly disagreeable policeman in Julia’s coma), obtaining a new, undesired insight into Julia’s private life — and flirting with local woman Sandra (Irene Escolar), even as his wife is lying in a coma in a hospital. The leading performances are attentive to nuance, with the tough-but-brittle Etura confirming her reputation as an actress capable of suggesting a tumultuous inner life through the barest of facial flickers. An only slightly reconstructed Spanish machista, Noriega’s Felix comes over as a frankly unpleasant charlatan, to the extent that viewers will tend to agree that Julia is better off without him – a fact which regrettably undermines much of the tension about how things will end. Veteran Spanish director, Jaime Chavarri, director of the classic Bicycles are for Summer, acquits himself well in a rare on-screen performance as Julia’s doctor.

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