Mikra Anglia 2013 Mikra Agglia

Mikra Anglia 2013 Mikra Agglia

Director: Pantelis Voulgaris

Cast: Pinelopi Tsilika (Orsa Saltaferou), Sofia Kokkali (Moscha Saltaferou), Aneza Papadopoulou (Mina Saltaferou), Andreas Constantinou (Spyros Maltabes), Maximos Moumouris (Nikos Vatokouzis), Vasilis Vasilakis (Savvas Saltaferos), Christos Kalavrouzos (Uncle Aimilios)

Plot / Synopsis: Little England is the beautiful Greek island of Andros, in the 1930’s – an island breeding sailors who spend most of their lives at sea, while some of them are destined never to return. Their women – mothers, daughters, wives, lovers – adjust their own lives to the pattern of the men’s absence, looking forward to the happy yet brief homecomings, always praying for their safety, always half-dreading the worst.

This is the premise of the film’s story – a tragic love story of epic proportions – based on Ioanna Karystiani’s best-selling book. Mrs. Karystiani herself finely adapts her novel for the screen, while her husband, renowned Greek director Pantelis Voulgaris (“Brides” takes it from there and, with the help of a great cast of actors, creates an almost flawless masterpiece.

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