Longwave 2013 Les grandes ondes (à l’ouest)

Longwave 2013 Les grandes ondes (à l’ouest)

Director: Lionel Baier

Valérie Donzelli…Julie Dujonc-Renens
Michel Vuillermoz…Joseph Marie Cauvin
Patrick Lapp…Alain
Francisco Belard…Pelé
Jean-Stéphane Bron…Philippe de Roulet
Patricia André…Analea
Adrien Barazzone…Bertrand

Plot / Synopsis

April 1974. The Federal Councellor, annoyed by the anti-establishment tone of The French speaking Swiss radio channel, imposes “safer” subjects on Philippe de Roulet, the programs director. To please him, de Roulet sends to Portugal a team composed of Julie, a dedicated feminist, Cauvin, a former war reporter sidelined since he started losing memory and Bob, a sound technician close to retirement, with the mission to report on the impact of Swiss aid to the country. They comply more or less reluctantly,but the results of their investigation are so pathetic that they decide to drop the whole thing and to drive back to Lausanne. This is exactly the time when their path crosses that of a trio of Belgian journalists who tell them that a full-scale revolution is under way…

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