Best in Bed 2014 À coup sûr

Best in Bed 2014 À coup sûr

Director: Delphine de Vigan

Laurence Arné…Emma
Eric Elmosnino…Tristan
Didier Bezace…Paul
Jérémy Lopez…Yann
Eric Boucher…Benjamin
Julia Faure…Agathe
Yolande Folliot…Françoise
Sophie De La Rochefoucauld…Michèle
Loïc Corbery…Tom
Damien Ferrette…Bob

Plot / Synopsis

Following a brief childhood flashback, we meet the overzealous 30-ish Emma (Arne), who has recently started work at a waning Paris economics magazine. Sitting across from her is top journo Tristan (Eric Elmosnino), a sly and quick-witted veteran who prefers to write long-winded pieces on microfinance, although the rag’s chief editor (Didier Bezace) seems to think that sex-related subjects are all that sell. After a routine visit with the dentist leads to a fling, Emma is informed that her bedroom skills are considerably lacking, and decides she needs to perfect them as soon as possible. This entails reading every known book on intercourse, consulting with a pricey escort girl (Julia Faure), a famous male porn star (soap opera actor Damien Ferrette), a wacky sexologist (Francois Morel), as well as using the company’s goofball intern (Jeremy Lopez) as a human dildo for Sunday workouts. Many of her sources are in fact gleaned from an unwitting Tristan, who himself is researching Parisian sexual mores for an article and begins suspecting Emma of stealing his scoops.

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