Island Women 1980 Gefangene Frauen

Island Women 1980 Gefangene Frauen

Directed by: Erwin C. Dietrich

Actors: Brigette Lahie, Nadine Pascal, Karin Gambier, France Romay, Eric Falk

Language: English

Country: Switzerland

Also known as: Women’s Penitentiary VII, Island Women, Le corps et le fouet, Folli piaceri delle porno prigioniere

Description: Filling some requests. Gefangene Frauen flick with english audio. One of the best WIP films in my opinion. Lahaie is awesome as always. You have German or English audio choices no subs.

A whole flock of young beauties stolen from expensive brothel some paramilitary actors and the power delivered to a deserted island, where they are given into sexual slavery. It sounds scary. But do not worry – girls do not suffer greatly from his position until the end of the film does not appear to have any shred of clothing, except for his feet are shoes that do not conceal their charms from the viewer.

The ruler of a Latin American country arranges a brothel on the island, not far from the continental coast. Many girls get there against their will. Will the most desperate of them accomplish daring escape?

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