99 Women 1969 Der heiße Tod

99 Women 1969 Der heiße Tod

Directed by: Jesus Franco

Actors: Maria Schell, Lucianna Paluzzi, Mercedes McCambridge, Herbert Lom, Maria Rohm, Rosalba Neri

Language: English | French

Country: Liechtenstein | Spain | Italy | West Germany | UK

Also known as: Der heiße Tod, Women’s Penitentiary 12, The Hot Death, Prostitutes in Prison, Les brûlantes, L’amour dans les prisons des femmes, Island of Despair, Der heisse Tod, 99 mujeres, 99 gynaikes, 99 donne

Description: Together with the constellation of famous actresses, we get to the island-prison, from which it is impossible to escape. It thrives violence, sexual orgies, lesbianism, sadism. At this point, there is a prisoner in the jail at number 99, which does not want to put up with some local orders …

Review: There is one such director, his name … But God knows how his real name. He has many names, it is not even know the site IMDb.com. ‘ll Call it Jesús Franco. So Mr. Franco – a real Stakhanovite horror movies with erotic elements. “99 Women” – the first film of this director, who I happened to see. And I tell you, it has little to do with the genre of horror. I’d dubbed movie thriller.

In addition to the genre of proceedings, there is another important issue that should be addressed in a review. Version of the film. In the world there are several different versions of the film “99 Women.” At least we know two. The first – a director that has a running time 83 minutes. Second – X-version, running 96 minutes, coming in rent in France and is called “martyr.” As a man, eager for the originals, I saw the second option. And paid dearly. The fact that the film, shot by Jesús Franco, is exactly 83 minutes. The French did a very “smart”, dosnyat some scenes for the movie with the other actors in the roles of the same characters and get the movie length of 96 minutes. As you know, they decided that the film Franco enough erotica (and there it is almost not) and removed the special pornostseny in which we show the detailed entry of men into women. Got really exciting, my friends! Franco left the scene behind the scenes of rape escaped captors redhead girl. But the French have removed this scene! Indeed, what little things? In the picture appears the other girl on the other hairstyle, hair color and figure, and all of a sudden become jailers clock hands. Brad, in general. My advice – watch the original, although it is shorter than 13 minutes illogical excuse me, porn.

The main character – a girl, who came to the island, where the women’s prison. She – 99, the last girl. Prison boss cruelly mocks the prisoners. Still, after Jesus had managed to shove an interesting little thing in the film: its table stand in a series of books on the crust of one of which can be read “Europe Hitler.” Pretty interesting comparison prison boss and dictator Adolf. Also in the story is present governor, regularly visits the prison to ponasilovat newcomers. One boss shelve, and her place is a nice woman, who worked previously only in the penal colonies. It cancels all the penalties and night viewing, unwittingly allowing the three girls to escape. That’s when the adventure begins.

Without making it too much description of the plot, I will say that the film is definitely a success. Showing us scenes of prison life for women, Franco prepares us to “escape.” When it happens, “99 Women” begins to hold and does not let us to the end.

The subtext of the film is definitely there, as in so many films about the stay in prison. Here it is impossible not to notice. Prison – the society, each camera – it’s definitely the society with their masters and slaves. And it’s very hard to be myself. Prison boss at the beginning of this movie says the phrase: “You are no longer the person you’re just numbers.” And this, perhaps, is the meaning of the film, penetrating it from beginning to end.

“99 Women” – the film is not entertaining. It will not look at us, it is no fun, somehow inherent grayndhausnomu movie. Here everything very seriously. And when it was over, think about whether you are the very person that is so easily lost in prison.

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