A Very Special Woman 1979 Une femme spéciale

A Very Special Woman 1979 Une femme spéciale

Directed by: Jean-Marie Pallardy

Actors: Karin Schubert, Jean-Marie Pallardy, Georges Guéret

Language: German

Country: France

Also known as: Une femme spéciale, Kiss Me with Lust, Sabine S. – Durch Liebe weg vom Stoff, Superorgasmo

Description: Karin Schubert (Black Emmanuelle) plays a special role in this erotic film. Determined to put an end to drug Yasmin runs aimlessly, incidentally throwing into the sea heroin, which was supposed to carry. Accidentally met her on the way fisherman Jean-Louis falls in love with a woman at a glance, and his love for helping her overcome the addiction. But the drug mafia is on the trail of the missing goods, because a million dollars is not that bad …

Review: In this French crime drama directed by Jean-Marie Pallardy, young newlywed Yasmine (Karin Schubert) works for her husband (Georges Gueret)a small scale drug dealer and develops an addiction to heroin. Her husband chooses to quickly exploit her weakness and forces her to take bigger risks carrying heroin through border customs instead of hahish. Worse, he decides to sleep around, a transgression that results in Yasmine’s dangerous decision to steal a large quantity of drugs and take to the road. Erotic French drama co-stars Jean-Marie Pallardy & Andre Koob. This version is 5 minutes longer with hardcore sex footage restored and does not have the annoying watermark of the TV rip. There are a few slight editing differences but basically the same story. I am working on custom English subs but the process [for me] is so slow that I decided to share this now without the English subs.

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