The Revolution is my Boyfriend / The Raspberry Reich 2004

The Revolution is my Boyfriend / The Raspberry Reich 2004

Directed by: Bruce La Bruce

Actors: Susanne Sachße, Daniel Bätscher and Andreas Rupprecht

Language: English | German

Country: Germany | Canada

Also known as: O Exército dos Frutas, Reich Framboesa, The Revolution Is My Boyfriend

Description: This is the story of the radical German terrorist group, which served as the prototype of Baader-Meynhofa, handled in the 70’s. Group is headed by a charismatic girl – Gudrun. In her opinion, it is necessary to move away from traditional heterosexual relationships. In her gang all men having sex with men. Its slogan – “heterosexuality – the opium of the masses.” The group plans to kidnap the son of a wealthy industrialist, while he once returned home. But one of the group members, without their knowledge, is already familiar with this guy, and he knows that his father abandoned him because he was gay.

Review: Write a review for this movie would be like writing a review of porn. Nonetheless. Watch the tape, which would be art house Vouchsafe me after the “Otto, or contact the dead”, the film is very strange, but visually intriguing, with the “stoned”, I thought and philosophy. I wanted to get into the treasury of the creative director Bruce La Bruce. In the kitty was a lot of banality gay porn. But, apparently, at some stage career spermoizliyanie struck brain Bruce La Bruce and he felt great Creator that may impact on the minds of the masses and decided to do a “serious” film. What a movie, tell – all the same you will not see. Kind of revolutionary terrorist organization led Trahalschitsy-bespredelschitsy declared war consumer society, so to speak – the fight against burgers and “fetters of traditional sexual practices” by plantation of homosexuality under the motto “Energy energy orgasms against missiles.”

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