The Pussycat Syndrome 1983 Orgia stin Kerkyra

The Pussycat Syndrome 1983 Orgia stin Kerkyra

Directed by: Ilias Mylonakos

Actors: Ajita Wilson, Jacqueline Marcant, Tina Eklund

Language: Greek | English

Country: Greece | West Germany

Also known as: Orgia stin Kerkyra, Les minettes en chaleur, Les minettes en chaleur, Nautiskelevat nymfot, Töchter der Venus, Tryferes gatoules, Villiga nymfomaner

Description: Two carefree pussycats decide to take advantage of the week of free time they have between modeling assignments and go for a brief holiday to soak up some culture. Upon arrival they demonstrate their humanitarian skills by coming to the aid of two young lads who are trudging across the landscape also in search of the elusive culture. After giving the lads a ride they all decide to exchange some information in a very natural way as they absorb the culture along the beach.

Later they are invited to join a mysterious man aboard his yacht so they might continue their studies. Happy at a chance to see the culture of the “rich and famous” the two couples go to the yacht and quickly shed their clothes {which of course inhibit cultural absorption} and begin once more to exchange information about culture! The wrinkle here is that the owner of the yacht is a culture seeker himself who like to videotape people in their “natural state” so that he might have a better chance of cultural exchange with his wife.

When the happy group arrives at his private manor they find his wife to be a woman who is a sexually repressed artist who paints pictures of people but doesn’t paint any faces. She explains that her husband brings her pictures of people in their natural state to inspire her. So the two girls decide that they will provide her with more inspiration through demonstration and participation {what kindhearted souls they are!}

The Pussycat Syndrome was filmed by Ilias Mylonakos, who also made Sweet Body of Bianca and Queen of Sados films.

Since at this point I know you are all eager to see this masterpiece of film-making I will simply add that the final act of this tale includes the following: nudity, A re-enactment of the origin of the Trojan War, nudity, true love, nudity, and a talking mule!

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