Pervirella 1997

Pervirella 1997

Directed by: Alex Chandon and Josh Collins

Actors: Emily Booth, Ron Drand, Shend, Sexton Ming and Tara Hamilton

Language: English

Country: UK

Also known as: The Perv Parlour

Description: Enclosed by a wall in the highest city-state rules with an iron hand a decrepit, but the immortal Queen Victoria, connected to the machine of eternal life. By Royal decree is forbidden any dissent, and first of all – sexual deviation. While hiding from the authorities, driven from the streets perverts find their refuge underground, where they organized a sex cult led by the demonic nanny.

While she saw the cult as a threat to her regime, Queen sends to perverts professor Pamp with the mission to kill the nurse, but he falls under her sexual spells and fails the mission. The fruit of forbidden passion of Professor and Nanny becomes a girl called Pervirella, who is destined to overthrow despotism and reign in the land of free love.

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