Nude for Satan AKA Nuda per Satana 1974

Nude for Satan AKA Nuda per Satana 1974

Directed by: Luigi Batzella

Actors: Rita Calderoni, James Harris. Renato Lupi and Iolanda Mascitti

Language: English

Country: Italy

Also known as: Nuda per Satana, Gymni brosta ston Satana

Description: After a serious car crash, Dr. Benson finds the passenger, who is a young woman, which has been greatly injured after this accident. The dictor took her with him, and rode to the nearest place to help her. It was a large abandoned estate, which was full of ghosts and monsters. And of course all these creatures were led by mister Satan, the lord of Hell. It’s a fantastic movie with a good plot, with sleezy erotic moments, with nudity, sex, love and horror. By the way, this is an uncut XXX hardcore version, which is a little bit bigger than the softcore one. It’s quite rare and exclussive movie, directed by Luigi Batzella, famous for such interesting wip film as SS Hell Camp and Devil’s Wedding Night

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