Kiltro 2006

Kiltro 2006

Directed by: Ernesto Diaz Espinoza

Actors: Marko Zaror , Caterina Jadresic

Language: Spanish , Korean

Country: Chile

Also known as: Kiltro – Fass sie an und du stirbst!

Description: He was deprived of a family and happiness be with his beloved. He was robbed of faith in justice, investing in his heart pain and thirst for revenge. To return all that he was robbed, he will stand on the way of the warrior. And no one can stop his rage…

Review of Kiltro: I found this and thought I would share, It was filmed in Chili and is supposed to be their first Martial Arts movie. It has some decent fight scenes and is not bad for a first time in the genre’. Technically it is listed at IMDB as Action movie but it is more a Martial Arts movie so I am listing it that way. I like bringin the unique to the game, Enjoy!

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