Correccional de Mujeres 1986 Women’s Reformatory

Correccional de Mujeres 1986 Women’s Reformatory

Directed by: Emilio Vieyra

Actors: Julio De Grazia, Edda Bustamante, Tony Vilas, Erika Wallner, Rubén Stella, Marcela Ruiz, Mónica Villa

Language: Spanish

Country: Argentina

Also known as: Women’s Reformatory

Description: Another Emilio Vieyra movie for you guys, this time a WIP. I love this film, it has all the elements of the genre but also a very passion towards crime and action movies.

I ripped this from my Dvd, the transfer quality of the DVD is a piece of shit, really…but it´s all there is. They aren´t better versions of this movie available, so I had to make a big file size to achieve a good and very watchable .avi quality, but not great.

Sorry, NO SUBS…..
but if someone wants to make a custom sub, please go ahead

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