Convoy of Girls / Convoi de filles 1978

Convoy of Girls / Convoi de filles 1978

Directed by: Pierre Chevalier, Jesus Franco

Actors: Brigitte Parmentier, Jean-Marie Lemaire, Henri Lambert, Monica Swinn, Michel Charrel

Language: English

Country: France

Also known as: Convoi de filles, SS Nazi Convoy, East of Berlin, À l’Est de Berlin

Description: German officer Erich von Strasse fought somewhere in Africa, was wounded and returned to Berlin with the Iron Cross and the glory of the hero. After a little vacation, he had to go to the Russian front. Suddenly, a brothel in Berlin, he met Renata, girl he met before the start of his military career. Eric found out that her family hid in her house a Jew, for which his father went to prison, and Renata at the insistence of the Gestapo officer has signed a contract to enter into a kind of “woman’s auxiliary unit” has turned into a brothel …

The movie Convoy of Girls was filmed by Pierre Chevalier (House of the Lost Girls) and Jesus Franco (Dolls for Sale)

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