L’attenzione 1985 Attention

L’attenzione 1985 Attention

Directed by: Giovanni Soldati

Actors: Stefania Sandrelli, Ben Cross, Amanda Sandrelli

Country: Italy

Also known as: L’attenione, Le mensonge, Atracción letal, Kiihko, Plaisirs de femme, Glykeies amarties, Figyelem, Un cuerpo que tocar, The Lie, Yalan, Inzest

Description of L’attenzione movie: Following the erotic film “Key” , which, incidentally , filmed by the same operator Silvano Ippoliti , 38 -year-old Italian actress Stefania Sandrelli reappeared in abounding explicit scenes picture became film debut of young director Giovanni Soldati , son of the famous director and writer Mario Soldati . So it seems to be no surprise that he chose to be filmed novel by Alberto Moravia , classic Italian literature . But he preferred to reproduce only the outline of the story of a writer who , writing a new work , invents a double life. A mind game on the border between fiction and reality , a variety of stylistic delights not really cared Soldati junior.

His show drew more erotic fun – no matter where they take place : in the imagination or in reality. That result and turned an ordinary story about loving adulterous spouse novelist who is ready to involve all relatives and strangers in their sexual fantasies . Sandrelli Sr. ( as in the film also starred her 20 -year-old daughter Amanda ) again showed all the parts of his own body , but failed to shine undisputed acting talent . However, two years later, the actress has starred Giovanni Soldati in quite a similar film ” American wife .”

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