Amazon Jail 1985 Curral de Mulheres

Amazon Jail 1985 Curral de Mulheres

Directed by: Osvaldo de Oliveria

Actors: Sandra Graffi, Ligia DePaula, Elizabeth Hartmann, Maurício do Valle, Elys Cardoso, Shirley Benny, Márcia Fraga

Language: English | Russian

Country: Brasil

Also known as: Curral de Mulheres, Ausbruch der Pantherkatzen, Katadioxi ston Amazonio, Obóz w dzungli

Description: A group of white women sent to Amazon jail somethere in the heart of Brazil, which is ruled by imperious mistress and her husband. Women there are used as slaves. They constantly try to escape. Warden – a cruel bisexual woman – uses the girls not only for work but also for her sexual pleasures.

Review: Amazon Jail is a good women in prison movie. Jail is a misnomer. These are women in prison. It’s missing some classic cliches like spraying the prisoners down with a hose or strip searching them, but it is very strong in low cut dresses worn carelessly by attractive women almost constantly revealing one or both tits. Like most fictional prisons, they don’t issue bras. Nor do they issue traditional uniforms. The uniform is colorful summer dresses with spaghetti straps with each women getting a unique color. I’ve never seen a movie with women so careless about their dress coverage. I think there’s some kind of tit slip every five minutes in this movie. There are two catfights both featuring one or both women in these sleazy dresses that don’t keep their tits covered. One has a buck naked women versus a women wearing a slutty dress in a bamboo prison cell. All hell breaks loose as the fight breaks into a minor riot. The two combatants take a shower or a water something as they fight! There’s a bit of lesbian teasing between the female prison boss and one of the hot inmates. Then more teasing as one prisoner rubs another’s pussy in the guise of cooling off (I think – I wasn’t paying much attention to reasons for things) The second catfight occurs while escaping in a forest. Neither woman makes an effort to keep the tops of their dresses on. There are also a couple of rapes. A couple of murders. The nudity rating is 4, full frontal – pussy – tits falling out.

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