The Dark Side of Sex / Hot Summer in Ibiza 1982

The Dark Side of Sex / Hot Summer in Ibiza 1982

Directed by: Gérard Loubeau

Actors: Olinka Hardiman, Laura May, Dominique Saint Claire, Linda Ordóñez

Language: German (English subs)

Country: Switzerland | Spain

Also known as: Heißer Sex auf Ibiza, Hot Sex in Ibiza, L’amour au soleil, Nach Ibiza der Liebe wegen, Sarabande Porno

Description: Dark Side of Sex was filmed by director of Summer in the Country movie

While Mr. Oulard is philandering with a hitchhiker, his black colored a disco and mistress pick-up, his villa on Ibiza is occupied by three hooligans whom force by themselves on his spouse and his wife’s friend, and then also his child and his housemaid. After making them perform different sex acts with each other as well as the thugs, they take them onboard a yacht where Captain Finch is asleep. More perversions follow.

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