Emmanuelle Forever 1993 Éternelle Emmanuelle

Emmanuelle Forever 1993 Éternelle Emmanuelle

Directed by: Francis Leroi

Actors: Marcela Walerstein, George Lazenby and Sylvia Kristel, Joel Bui

Language: French | English

Country: France

Also known as: Éternelle Emmanuelle, Emmanuelle ikuisesti, Para Sempre Emmanuelle

Description: Once Emmanuelle, feeling of despair after the death of her daughter, made a journey to Tibet and there, in a mountainous monastery, went through the ritual of renewal of the body. She regained youth and acquired the ability to penetrate the physical shell of other women, taking their appearance.

Years later, sitting in the cabin of the aircraft flying to Thailand, Emmanuel told old gentleman Mario, who once had met her in Bangkok and communed young beauty, suffering from boredom and idleness, to the secrets of the knowledge of the flesh…

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