Princesas 2005

Princesas 2005

Directed by: Fernando León de Aranoa

Actors: Candela Peña, Micaela Nevárez, Mariana Cordero

Language: Spanish (English and Spanish optional soft subs)

Country: Spain

Also known as: Princesses Australia (video title)

Description: The film Princesas is about a friendship between two prostitutes on the background of a modern city. Actress Candela Pena and Micaela Nevares play major roles in the story of two women, two prostitutes, two princesses. Kaye – thirty-year woman with chelochkoy, if only that of a hairdresser and a controversial beauty of the type of appearance, which is informally called “the neighbor’s little girl.”

Zulema similar to devoid the throne princess, sweet, but dark, and has lived on the brink of despair and depression. She always carries a picture in his wallet son, like hope, rolled up in plastic, and then shows her her companions, but really need to see this picture in the first place to itself. And Zulema photographed in supermarkets, among boxes, then to send the pictures to parents, who said they worked ukladchitsey. And late in the evening, sending these letters, she again goes half-dressed through the alleys of Madrid Casa de Campo. When women meet, they realize that they look like they are on the same path and the story begins. Zulema harder to live each day, but the chance arose friendship with Kaye will be for both of them sort of a kind of refuge, as is the sunlit room, which they share with each other, a cozy place where you can sit and chat, and the whole world nelaskovy at the time no longer exist.

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