La fille de 15 ans 1989 The 15 Year Old Girl

La fille de 15 ans 1989 The 15 Year Old Girl

Directed by: Jacques Doillon

Actors: Judith Godrèche, Melvil Poupaud, Jacques Doillon

Language: French

Country: France

Also known as: La fille de 15 ans, La chica de quince años, I dekapentahroni, A tizenötéves lány, Eine Frau mit 15, Eine Frau mit fünfzehn

Description: Juliette (Judith Godrèche – Quicksand) 15 years, it is – a difficult teenager. She has a friend of Tom her age with whom she maintains a platonic relationship. Willie, Tom’s father, takes his two teenagers on vacation in a magnificent villa in Ibiza, located on the wild coast. Playing, Juliette decides to seduce Willy. Tom’s father is caught between his love for his son and his passion for Juliette …

Review: Fifteen- Juliet , enough naeksperimentirovavshis boys , found a fourteen Tom , preferring his spiritual closeness to satisfaction of their sexual incontinence with others, which it is not enough for more than one time. The same was ready to communicate without violating the bodily boundaries , finding a girlfriend relationship feelings and understanding of interests, keeping calm , not succumbing to the action of hormones , while the girl with restless tenacity continued to experience the strength of men , choosing the object of another experience of his father, a friend , using , on occasion, a convenient moment .

Such violent games usually have the sad result of destroying the body and clouding the fate of their members , when , coming out of control , the situation is pushing the edge of characters imaginable and permitted to tearing the life , stop suffering , unable to endure the pain. Checking herself , she has arranged a test for the unsuspecting friend, who turned out at the turn of decision-making , even more serious than the choice of his beloved father .

Not too many details . Tom ‘s parents are separated , and the usual vacation Juliet decides to break his father’s company and his son , achieving opportunity to go with them , carefully sort through sophisticated provocation plan , justifying it as a tiny mischief purposely slicing blow his companions , confiding , stand Are there first and make the second one.

Embodying strategy maiden tricks movie revolves around the main character , which , chirping bird of paradise , weaves around adult male spider’s web of words , weaving together the truth about the relationship with Tom revelations about their desires , pushing his father to check the strength of his son , whom he had to recognize, just love .

Are only three . Girl, boy and his father . In a secluded place away from prying eyes . Suite house, opposite the sea with the island , alternating meetings and brief conversations where flushed Juliet shocking confession father , dumbfounded face peering starlet calling him to connect to his undertaking , unlike her well representing the possible consequences of stroke, which is in agreement , it deals Tom.

By that time, almost ripe Judith Godresh quite succeeded , portraying a dangerous obsession with girls , they go to the grave , leaving no chance to make her a pair of men’s own persona director Jacques Doillon pictures , constantly in a state of nervousness double , clearly realizing that success is in the hands of sixteen Melville Pupo that avarice makes words the depth of his perception of the role of disagreeing on her allotted scenario wayside.

As long as the girl giddy dad , son in my thoughts circling a real mess , causing tumult to his father and a close friend , straining the fortitude and strength of character , a catastrophic plunge in risky cover, showing an incomprehensible resistance, which , otherwise how masculinity , and not name.

Causing burning distrust atypical adolescent behavior makes marvel fiction writers , mixed Shakespeare with Nabokov , finding a refutation in the face of young actors , not just settle for the performance of the role , but as Melville , who took them alive , and most directly involved , the possibility of proving acceptable with inscrutable wisdom , which may have a young man .

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