Solo fur Klarinette 1998 Solo for Clarinet

Solo fur Klarinette 1998 Solo for Clarinet

Directed by: Nico Hofmann

Actors: Götz George, Corinna Harfouch, Tim Bergmann

Language: German

Country: Germany

Also known as: Solo fur Klarinette, Solo para clarinete

Description of Solo for Clarinet movie: Berlin, Germany. A brutal slayer came to pass in an residence building. Someone bit off rather a bit of the victim’s cock, who then, clearly, lost a lot of blood, before being stricken down at the head. Major detective Bernhard Kominka, being in strain due to a psychologically retarded son and a difficult wife, seems to be the only one to see a female in a red clothing. After some time, his concept of her being the liquidator may prove to be real, but the Cop also kind of fell in love with this new, fascinating individual in both of his lives: expert and private as well. Boundaries change. His conclusion may be devastating by any means.

Review: Bernie detective investigating the brutal murder of a lonely man, falls in love with Anna prime suspect.

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