Mandinga 1976

Mandinga 1976

Directed by: Mario Pinzauti

Actors: Antonio Gismondo, Serafino Profumo, Maria Rosaria Riuzzi

Language: English Dub

Country: Italy

Also known as:

Description:As you may guess from the name this is an European rip-off of the movie “Mandingo”, an American movie that was quite prosperous, but pained some people as it aimed to blend a significant look at slavery in the antebellum southern area with violent interracial sexploitation and “grindhouse”-style brutality. Obviously, the Italians couldn’t wait to hop on this–they were currently making lots of interracial sex films at the time, and they have never been a country restricted by well taste (observe the cycle of Italian sexploitation films set in Nazi death camps). This movie is less unpleasant than its model, nevertheless, because it’s very ineptly created. Not only do you have the terrible dubbing and crafty Southern accents, but the “white” characters are all performed by dark-skinned south Italians and the “blacks” are performed by northern Africans rather than African-Americans. (I also don’t think there’s too many palm trees and olive forest in the American South).

A juvenile guy comes back from Europe to his rich father’s Southern village. He starts an affair with his widower father’s gold-digging gf (who the latter refuses to marry). But subsequently he falls in love with a virginal preacher’s daughter and marries her, much to gold-digger’s chagrin. She gets her chance for payback though when the couple’s first child is born and transforms out to be black! But all is not as it seems. Unusually, there’s actually no interracial sex in this movie. The lustful, evil golddigger does seem to get off on viewing the males servants be whipped, and after she and the son catch two “slaves” having sex, they vow to show then “how their owners make love” and their is a short “interracial” orgy. I’m using quotes, nevertheless, because the “slave” couple are clearly both north African Arabs and really have lighter skin than the swarthy Italian celebrity playing the white mistress.

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