Higher Education 1988

Higher Education 1988

Directed by: John Sheppard

Actors: Kevin Hicks, Isabelle Mejias, Lori Hallier

Language: English

Country: Canada

Also known as:Autres études, Felsöbbfok, O lectie despre viata, Higher Education – Erziehung Nebensache

Description: This movie is one that nobody else seemed to have, so I thought poor unknown[40827], who had requested this gem twice, deserved to see it! Right, so. Everyone already knows I can’t get enough of these lost ol’ ’80s teen flicks. Higher Education is just one in a long line of My Tutor style movies, and considering how easy it is to confuse this flick with others of its kind, no wonder it is out of print. One thing that makes this movie worthwhile is the brilliant Isabelle Mejias of Meatballs 3/Heavy Metal (oh the awesomeness) Summer fame, who plays main guy Andy’s girlfriend. But bad news for her when Andy meets his new art teacher Nichole! This movie isn’t all that bad really. I’ll agree with the few imdb reviews that call this “very Canadian”, because, well, it is. Considering movies like Preppies and Pretty Smart and Fraternity Vacation have all found their way to dvd already, Higher Education really isn’t worse than either one of those. In fact, it is probably better. It is very ’80s – the college decor, the fashions. And like a reviewer mentioned about Isabelle Mejias’ red/yellow getup, it really does make you fancy a Happy Meal. Oh, it also stars that other chick from Heavy Metal Summer. You know the one with the squeeky voice? Yeah, her.

All in all, as far as obscure college comedies go, Higher Education is pretty enjoyable in all its 1980’s glory.

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