Beauty of the Day AKA Belle de jour 1967

Beauty of the Day AKA Belle de jour 1967

Directed by: Luis Buñuel

Actors: Catherine Deneuve, Jean Sorel, Michel Piccoli and Geneviève Page

Language: French | Spanish | Mongolian (English subs)

Country: France | Italy

Also known as: Belle de jour, Beauty of the Day, Bella di giorno, Belle de jour: bella de día

Description: Devoted wife and respectable housewife Severine Serizy solved once for an unbelievable and totally immoral experiment. Tired of self-righteousness, she secretly went to work in a brothel of some madam Anais. But in the evening and at night Severin continues to play her usual role of bourgeois cat, in a brothel, there gets the name “Belle de Jour”

As any prostitute she fulfills all the desires of their customers. And then returns to home. Thus, Severin begins to lead a double life. And none of her family has no idea of how Severin spends her days.

Review: “Belle” – frightened, hunted woman, forced her fears … “err” in everything. Do not tell us where it found Pierre, but we know – somewhere in Paris, and that the woman in Paris is so fearful opens up new and unsightly view of Paris.

And afraid of the “Belle” of the fact that sexually surrendering Pierre liberated, it will cause a glut of Pierre and dislike, even contempt. She turned to Pierre’s despised creature, which can, for example, carve in wood, and to give to the wolves grooms.

Where did the “Beauty of the Day”, these fears? This is a mystery. Somewhere … from Paris, this “city of lovers.” Wise life experience Luis Buñuel knows his Paris – Paris fears “Morning Glory.”

Sexual instinct, which she could not share with her beloved husband, dates and “Belle” satisfies its spelled prostitute in a brothel, where he met with visiting his aging neurotic and, finally, with Marcel.

Here Marseille is perhaps the only bright spot in the film. Young and experienced man, he falls in love with “Morning Glory”, which suggests that much-he will not be despised in her sexuality. But sensible “Belle” is not in a hurry to exchange rich and contentment her “frigidity” Pierre’s poor and love Marseille.

Paris – the city in which the rich are afraid to love one another, and the poor are not interesting.

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