Kizi da anasi gibi 1980

Kizi da anasi gibi 1980

Directed by: Yavuz Figenli


Language: Turkish

Country: Turkey

Also known as:

Description: The story of a young girl and her mother.

Suna (Arzu Aycan) is horrified when she discovers her mother (Güner Özonuk) in bed with a young man. The high point of the film is her aunt, Dilek (Nese Sümbül), molesting Suna’s boyfriend, Kenan (Levent Günsel). After having sex with him, the ever concerned aunt tucks her niece in bed.

Note: Although there are glimpses of Çetin Basaran with his mouth over some female genitalia, intercourse is not shown explicitly so this film is in the category of incest.

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