In Praise of Older Women AKA En brazos de la mujer madura 1997

In Praise of Older Women AKA En brazos de la mujer madura 1997

Directed by: Manuel Lombardero

Actors: Juan Diego Botto, Miguel Ángel García and Faye Dunaway

Country: Spain

Also known as: En brazos de la mujer madura, Le jeune homme amoureux, Olgun kadina övgü

Description: A young boy goes to Andres front, where there is the Spanish Civil War to find his mother. There he meets a first in the life of a woman. The search for the mother of his soon return from the front lines to urban life. He likes to spend time with beautiful women. Each new woman changes his inner world. After meeting with his mother, he does not change his habits, he already knows what is to live to the full. One of the main actors of the movie In Praise of Older Women has also played in another incest film, called Naked Eye

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