Dreaming About You 1992

Dreaming About You 1992

Directed by: Marisa Sistach

Actors: Martín Altomaro, Leticia Perdigón, Socorro Bonilla, Moisés Iván Mora

Language: Spanish

Country: Mexico

Also known as: Anoche soñé contigo, Last Night I Dreamed of You

Description: There are a lot of movies about first love, full of romantic feelings and painful experiences. Anoche soñé contigo (I dreamed of you at night) – a movie from another series – this is the first film about sex and did not hesitate.

Fourteen-Toto and Quique faced a wave of sexual concerns. Stimulated by attraction, the guys do not know how to deal with their raging hormones, hesitated, limited to spying for inviting friends flirtatious neighbor.

With the arrival of adult cousin Asusenny from which it is simply impossible to take your eyes, Toto completely loses his head. Infantile life becomes unbearable: a beautiful girl ironically jeering the unlucky Don Juan, whetted his flesh tantalizing dip in the pool.

Latinos are not shy eroticism, adding a novel rapid-fire Toto mother with a weary knight in naval uniform and posing for magazine-style sister restless Quique. Body Heat unceremoniously spreads from frame to frame, drowning out the romance of love trembling impatience, breaking quivering dream stone inevitable disappointments.

Filmed in the style of Mexican soap operas, with a pregnant pause – accents and art looks wide-open eyes. Dubbed Spanish song and music lust waves run up from day to night.

Night – time initialization time of the very frank, bold sex scenes, for which, in fact, shot the entire film. Dreaming About You is familiar with another incest flick called Clement with was filmed in 2001

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