Return of the Family Man 1989

Return of the Family Man 1989

Directed by: John Murlowski

Actors: Ron Smerczak, Liam Cundill, Terence Reis

Language: English

Country: South Africa

Also known as: La puerta del miedo, Az ember aki öl, La porta della paura


I love Rae Don Home Video garbage and this one ranks pretty high on the stink-o-meter! An escaped convict known as the Family Man loves to slash families, go figure? And ends up heading back to his childhood home where some college kids are spending some fun times fixing it up to make it home. Not much going for this movie, no gore, no tits but plenty of bad acting. I have no fucking clue why I watch this turd so much!

Review: Safely escaped from custody, a psychopathic killer returns to the house, where ten years ago, began his criminal career, and finds it a great company to entertain teenagers.

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