Glory Glory AKA Hooded Angels 2002

Glory Glory AKA Hooded Angels 2002

Directed by: Paul Matthews

Actors: Amanda Donohoe, Steven Bauer, Paul Johansson, Gary Busey

Language: English

Country: UK

Also known as: Hooded Angels

Description: The middle of the 19th century. Height of the American Civil War, the war between the North and the South. Soldiers Unionists (northerners) attack peaceful southern town, mercilessly destroying many of its inhabitants, mostly – male representatives, from young to old. Intoxicated by an easy “win” drunk soldiers did not have time to figure out where the death came.

But death has brought them few surviving women: tortured, raped, beaten, lost in the merciless slaughter of children and husbands who are fathers, women take up arms and start taking revenge. So suddenly born small party avenger – unit, which can also stop only death. After a short time on the trail of women riders are already led by Wes, his father, who was the victim of an angry fury …

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